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Textile Softeners

POWERSIL-BRK (Block Amino Silicone Softener For In-Depth Softness)

POWERSIL-BRK (Block Amino Silicone Softener For In-Depth Softness)

Powersil-BRK not only can help provide in-depth softness and slickness, but also features resistance to thermal migration, color fastness, fabric whiteness, re-dyeability, over dyeability and moderate shear stability at a typical bath condition for textile finishing.


Ø  Provides a high level of softness (inner softness for all types of synthetic fabric especially polyester & their blends.

Ø  Does not cause fabric yellowing.

Ø  Luxuriously silky, drape-able and in-depth softness, as opposed to a slippery hand-on fabric surface that is typically imparted by amino functional silicones.

Ø  Suitable for all normal application methods, such as pad bath, exhaustion and spray.

Ø  Dilutions are extremely shear stable. Easily diluted with water or alcohol.

Ø  Water dilutions have excellent compatibility with finishing baths.

Ø  Can be co-applied with fluorocarbon soil release agents.

Ø  Works at very low dosage.


Ø  May be used with most types of typical equipment’s for textile finishing.

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POWERSIL-SSX (Block amino silicone emulsion for pile fabrics made of polyesters)

POWERSIL-SSX (Block amino silicone emulsion for pile fabrics made of polyesters)

Description:Powersil-SSX is an emulsion especially developed for pile fabrics made of polyester & polyester rich textiles like rugs, bath mats, chenille, mink fabrics etc. Treated fabric gives soft, greasy, excellent smooth surface on all type of fabrics.


Ø  Treated fabric exhibits fluffy smooth feel.

Ø  Shear stable hence suitable in application in high turbulence equipment’s like JET, Soft flow machine etc.

Ø  Suited for all type of fabrics especially polyester & polyester rich blend.

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