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GLOGARD-STU-CONC (Durable Flame Retardant for Polyester fibres)

GLOGARD-STU-CONC (Durable Flame Retardant for Polyester fibres)

Glogard-STU-CONC is an organo phosphorous compound for wash permanent, flame retardant finishing of textiles made from Polyester fibers.


Ø  Flame retardant for polyester and PU coating. 

Ø  Effect achieved is fast to washing & dry cleaning.

Ø  High resistance to laundering and dry cleaning

Ø  Low volatility and good compatibility to major polymer.

Ø  Good retention of handle and drape after processing.

Ø  Non-toxicity and high safety.

Ø  Readily combined with other additives such as water & oil repellent finish etc.

Ø  Meets low fogging requirement for automotive goods.

Ø  It should be pre-diluted with water.

Ø  Can be used either alone or in combination with binder.

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AMPLIFY-CBRT-CONC (Colour Blooming Agent-for Redder Tone)

AMPLIFY-CBRT-CONC (Colour Blooming Agent-for Redder Tone)


Amplify-CBRT-Conc is a color deepening agent designed to increase the depth of primarily polyester and their blended fabrics, dyed in black, navy blue or dark shades by post treatment of fabric. Excellent colour deepening with redder Tone effects are observed. It is suitable on other fabric substrates i.e. cotton, viscose, acetate, acrylic, wool, polyamide and their blends.


Ø  Provides maximum color-depth of disperse black & sulphur black.

Ø  Produces astounding JET black, in bluish shade.

Ø  High durability to multiple cycle of washing and dry-cleaning.

Ø  Free from slip trouble, nail Mark, hand marks, spot problem.

Ø  Does not affect the fastness properties of dyeing.

Ø  Very good mechanical / chemical / thermal stability.

Ø  Handle: Neutral, somewhat bulky, non-slippery.

Ø  No problems of ending and tailing.

Ø  Redder tone.

 Ø  Color depth improver of disperse black on polyester: 

It significantly improves the color-depth of polyester goods dyed with disperse dyes black colors (also some other deep shades e.g. dark navy, dark green) at maximum degree which is superior to other general products based on silicones.

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