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Concentrated Chemicals

Pretreatment Auxiliaries

Pretreatment Auxiliaries
Product NameConcentration (%)Description
Altranol-DTC / Conc96 ± 3
  • It has excellent crypto anionic detergent, high wetting & dispersing power with effective carrying capacity for soil & fats.
  • Is an efficient desizing agent & enables removal of all synthetic sizes.
Altranol-JET-ECO80 ± 3
  • A low foaming high performance nonionic detergent designed for the preparation of cotton, synthetic & blended fabrics in machines of high liquor turbulence such as jet, soft-flow & package dyeing machines as well as continuous processing systems.
Altranol-LRW / Conc80 ± 3
  • A low foaming, solvent free, APEO free detergent and scouring agent with good wetting agent for scouring of cotton yarn knits, terry towels, fabrics and cotton blends.
Altranol-MRN80 ± 3
  • Nonionic wetting, washing and cleaning agent free from APEO, silicone and solvents for all types of fibers.
Altranol-NIN Liq80 ± 3
  • Wetting and deaerating agent for pre treatment and dyeing of cellulosic fibers and their blends.
Altranol-OL / Conc96 ± 3
  • Anionic scouring agent, wetter & detergent with excellent oil & grease removing properties.
  • Is an efficient desizing agent & enables removal of all synthetic sizes.
Altranol-RW85 ± 3
  • Wetting agent and detergent with very good re-wetting action and extremely low foaming, for discontinuous pretreatment processes on cellulosic and their blends with synthetics.
  • An economical organic peroxide stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cotton and cellulosic blends by batch and continuous process.
  • A non-silicone defoamer, suitable for all textile processing operations.
  • Is a 100% active, specially formulated antifoam composition.
  • It imparts low-foaming characteristics to clear, high actives, scour surfactant concentrate formulations.
  • Moderate foaming wetting agent and detergent and bleach bath additives for batch wise pretreatment and continuous immersion processes.
  • Suitable for application in jets.

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